Forget about watering your plants daily

It’s not a secret that self-watering systems simplify gardening. Our goal is to significantly reduce the cost of this innovative method and make it available and affordable for everyone. We offer products for all types of flowers from simplest to the most demanding.
Система автополива

Система автополива

Система автополива <br> с контролем уровня воды

Система автополива
с контролем уровня воды

Система автополива <br> с дренажной кассетой

Система автополива
с дренажной кассетой

Система фитильного автополива

Система фитильного автополива

Innovation is our philosophy

In developing new products for your garden, home or office we strive to provide you with quality, ease and convenience to care for all plant types.
We strive to be the most creative in design, forms and material:
<span>14</span> Years

14 Years

Over <span>40</span> inventions

Over 40 inventions

<span>11</span> patents

11 patents

<span>110</span> Employees

110 Employees

More creativity in design

Combining convenience, aesthetics and efficiency in our design is our mission.
Matching your interests and our products is our priority.
In our collection we have a wide range of colors to match any setting, from the cheerful colors of a children’s playground to the subtle discreet colors of a place of business.
<span>10 million </span> <br> pots per year

10 million
pots per year

<span>16</span> production <br> machines

16 production

<span>10</span> CNC <br> machines

10 CNC

Over <span>25</span> <br> new products per year

Over 25
new products per year

Special offer for vendors

More attention to logistics, packaging and marketing.

Reliability, discipline and guaranteed delivery

We have experience in long-term supply of products to large retail stores and wholesale buyers.
<span>10,000 </span> <br> pallets per year

pallets per year

<span>310</span> fully loaded <br> trucks per year

310 fully loaded
trucks per year

<span>50+</span> <br> Retail chains

Retail chains

<span>2,000+</span> <br> customers


We care for the planet

We introduced the European energy saving program Santino Group owns a production plant for recycling used plastic.
<span>500</span> Tons per year

500 Tons per year


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